CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines


CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines(Manual)


Model BH-V504 BH-V710
X-axis 500mm  700mm 
Y-axis 400mm  1000mm
Z-axis 400mm  600mm
Length standard Reflective linear encoder --
Resolution 0.0005mm (.00002") --
Accuracy (20.C)*  E=(4.0+5L1000)m E=(5.0+5L1000)m
-- R=5.0m R=5.0m
Guide method Air bearing for each axis --
Maximum workpiece height*** 482mm  682mm
Maximum workpiece weight 160kg  500kg
Air pressure 0.4MPa (4kgf/cm2) or 58 PSI --
Air consumption 40 liters per minute (in normal state) or 1.44 CFM
Dimensions  Width 1074mm  1380mm
Dimensions  Depet 938mm  1665mm
Dimensions  Height 437kg  2739mm 
Mass (including the mass of the machine stand) 2238mm  1480kg