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YNG HORNG TRADING CO.,LTD. Have Been Established Since 1986. In the beginning, we began sale and after service MITUTOYO optical equipment. The motto of our company was professional, leading technical, customer satisfied. During the past 34 years. Our kept Development and Supply of Quality Products to serve customers with satisfaction. For example like Established 1996 Agent Carton Stereo microscopes, Mitutoyo measuring microscopes, profiles Projectors, Sony Video Image Measuring Futaba pulscale & Digital Counter¡BCentral chuo precision metal microscopes, West-Germanic Video image measuring equipments. CNC. 2D, 3D Image Video measuring software, SPC statistical software and so on¡K.

YNG HORNG TRADING CO., LTD will continue striving to be your best supplier.

.Carton Stereo Microscopes
.Mitutoyo Profile Projectors Microscopes
.Futaba Linear Scale& Digital Counter
.£g-gauge Measuring Softwood
.Chuo Metal microscopes. Macro Lens