Order No.* 178-953-2 178-954-2 178-952-2 178-955-2
Type mm inch/mm mm inch/mm
Measuring range Z-axis : 350m (12000in)
X-axis : 12.5mm (.5)
Drive Unit

Drive speed Measuring:0.25mm/s (.01/s),(.02/s), Returning: 1mm/s (.04/s)
Connecting cable length 1m (39)
Mass 190g (.42 lbs.)
Detector Provided Detecting method 178-390 178-395
Differential inductance
Measuring range 350m (-200m to +150m)/13780in (-7880in to +5900in)
Material of stylus Diamond
Stylus tip radius 5m(200in) 2m (80in)
Radius of skid curvature 40mm (1.57)
Measuring force 4mN (0.4gf) 0.75mN(0.075gf)
Mass 18g (.04 lbs)
Display Unit Assessed profile Primary profile (R), Roughness profile (R), DIN4776, MOTIF.R, MOTIF.W
Evaluation parameter Ra, Ry, Rz, Rp, Rq, Rv, Sm, S, Pc, R3z, mr, Rpk, Rvk, c,Rk, Mr1, Mr2, Lo, Ppi, R, AR, Rx, A1, A1, Vo, HSC, mrd,sk, Ku, a, q, Wte, Wt, W, AW.
Analysis graph BAC1, BAC2, ADC
Roughness standard JIS, DIN, ISO, ANSI
Sampling length(L) 0.08mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm, 8mm (0.003, .01, .03, .1, .3
Cut-off length c: 0.08mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm, 8mm
(0.003), .1, .03,.1,.3)
s:2.5m, 8m, 25m(.100in, 320in, 1000in)
Number of sampling spans x1, x3, x5, xl**
Digital filter 2CR, PC75 (phase corrected), Guass
Resolution/range 0.4m/350m (16.4in/13780in),
0.1m/100m (4.1in/4000in),
0.05m/50m (2.0in/2000in),
0.01m/10m (0.5in/400in).
Display range Ra, Rq: 0.01m-100m(.4in-4000in)
Ry, Rz, Rt, Rv, R3z, Rk, Rvk, R, Rx, W, Wx,
Wte: 0.02m-350m (.8in-14000in) Aw.
AR : 2.0-350m (80-1400in)
S, Sm: 2m-4000m (79in-160000in)
PC: 2.5/cm-5000/cm (6.35/inch-12700/inch)
mr, Mr1, Mr2, mrd: 0-100%
A1, A2:0-15000 a, q, Ku: 0.01-100 Vo:0.0000-999.99
Recording magnification Vertical: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, 1000x, 2000x, 5000x, 10000x, 20000x, 50000x, 100000x, AUTO
Horizontal: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, 1000x, AUTO
Printer Thermal printer (printing width: 48mm (1.89))
Statistical processing Maximum value, Minimum value, Mean vale, (for each parameter) Standard deviation(), Pass ratio, Frequency distribution table.
Tolerance judgment Upper and lower limit values for three parameters can be specified.
Measuring condition 5 sets of measuring conditions storage.
Auto-sleep (turning off) After five minutes without operation
Calibration Automatic calibration entering the value of roughness specimen
Power supply Via AC adapter (DC7, 5V, 1.5W)/built-in rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery Charging time: 15hours (for 1000 measurements without printing)
Data output RS-232C input/output, SPC output
Mass Approximately 1200g (2.64 lbs)