High-magnification MeasuringMicroscope



Standard Specifications
Main body Base and column:Cast iron (ribbed), polished surfaces, and built-in transformer
Optical Objective infinity-corrected optical system, standard objective lens 10x (long working distance planachromatic objective),W.D. 10mm, N.A 0.25
Display screen :Erect image, 80x total magnification on the display screen when 10x objective lens is used
llluminator :Brightfield vertical incident-light illuminator with a built-in color conversion filter
Light source:6V, 20W halogen lamp, stepless light intensity control from 3 to 6V
Focusing unit Coarse focus :Focus range 120mm
Fine focus:Focus range (Z-axis) 10mm
Function for Observation Image detection :1/3" color CCD camera
Image display :6" TFT color LCD
Superimpose:XYZ positional data screen display, minimum reading to 0.001 mm
Measuring stage Travel range:50mm in X axis, 50mm in Y axis
Rotary table:360 degree rotation
Size of stage glass ø100mm
Measuringaccuracy:5um or less in X and Y axes(depending on the condition of a specimen to be measured)
Micrometer:Digimicron (CDM-500)
Optical Objective:
20x (long working distance planachromatic objective), W.D.10mm, N.A 0.42
40x (long working distance planachromatic objective), W.D.10mm, N.A 0.52
Zoom Objective Lens:1.7x~10x W.D39mm
Transmitted Light llluminator (12V 50W)
Ring Light Guide llluminator (12V 50W)
Light Guide llluminator (12V 100W)
Nosepiece Quadruple objective nosepiece
imsge recording Recording device :Video printer