High-magnification MeasuringMicroscope


High-magnification MeasuringMicroscope

Model No. MF-A505/H MF-A1010/H MF-A1020/H MF-A1720/H MF-A1703/H
Optical tube
Patent pending (Japn)
Choice between Monocular and Binocular tube (depression angle: 25 C), Reticle rpojection method, with TV mount, Optical path ratio (eyepiece/CCD Camera:50/50 fixed)
Image Erect image
Eyepiece lens 10X* (field No.:24), 15X(field NO.:16), 20x(field No.:12)
Objective 1X, 3X*, 5X, 10X, 20X,50X, 100X, Standard accessory
Focusing Max. workpiece height 150mm(6") 220mm(9")
Method Manual focusing(coarse focusing: 30mm/rev., fine focusing:0.2mm/rev.)
Illumination Reflected illumination Telecentric illumination with adjustable aperture diahragm, 12V/50W halogen lamp (non-stepped brightness adjustment)
Transmitted illumination Koehler illumiantion with adjustable aperture diaphragm, 12V/50W halogen lamp (non-stepped brightness adjustment)
Workstage XY travel range 50x50mm (2"x2") 100x100mm (4"x4") 200x100mm (8"x4") 200x170mm (8"x7") 300x170mm (12"x7")
Table top dimensions 280x280mm (11.02"x11.02") 280x280mm (11.02"x11.02") 350x280mm (13.78"x11.02") 410x342mm
510x342mm (20.07"x13.46")
Effective glass size 170x170mm (6.69x6.69") 170x170mm (6.69x6.69") 240x140mm (9.45x5.51") 260x230mm (10.23x9.05") 360x230mm (14.17x9.05")
Swiveling - - - 5 (left) 5 (left)
Max.workpiece weight 5kg (11 lbs.) 5kg (11 lbs.) 10kg (22 lbs.) 20kg (44 lbs.) 20kg (44 lbs.)
Quick release mechanism X and Y axes
Zero switch X and Y axes ( Z axis: MF-A505H/MF-A1010H/MF-A1020H/MF-A1720H/MF-A1730H)
Length standard Linear encoder (Linear Scale) Patent registered (Japan)
Digital Counter Resolution 0.001mm/0.0005mm/0.0001mm (.0001"/.00005"/.00001")switchable
No. of axis 3-axis
Functions Zero-setting, Resolution switching, Counting direction switching, Data output via RS-232C
Measuring accuracy**(at 20 C) (3+0.02L) m conforming to JIS B 7153, L=Measuring length (mm)
Power supply 100/110/120/220/230/240VAC, 50/60Hz, 160W
Mass Approx. 55kg (121 lbs.) Approx. 55kg (121 lbs.) Approx. 59kg (129 lbs.) Approx. 130kg (130 lbs.) Approx. 138kg (303 lbs.)
**Not including the Z-axis measuring accuracy

Standard accessories
  • Microstage
  • XY/XYZ digital counter
  • Teansmitted illuminator
  • Reflected illuminator
  • Halogen bulb(12V50W, 3 pcs)
  • Machine cover
  • Power cord
  • 10x/24 eyepiece lens
  • 3x objective
  • Green filter
  • Cross-hair reticle
  • Reticle mount
Consumable parts
  • 513667: Hamogen bulb (12V50W)